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    ProfessorCraig Forrest is the Director of the Marine and transport Law Unit, higher education of Queensland; And teaches and undertakes research in other locations of maritime law, With a real interest in maritime casualties, salvage and wreck. Craig is the final editor of the Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal.

    Mr Stefan Armbruster is the Brisbane based writer for SBS News and Current Affairs, reporting on Queensland and the Pacific. He was given birth to in Germany, Grew up in australia, And worked for a decade in London for the BBC and other broadcasters. Since becoming a member SBS in 2006, He has won a numerous national social media awards for his coverage of Aboriginal Torres Strait islander, modern and Pacific affairs.

    Associate Professor Ian Tibbetts is a marine biologist with 15 years’ experience helping communities in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. Until recently he was the Director of the Centre for Marine Science at The University of Queensland and now directs the program Programs Unit in the School of Biological Sciences. He chairs the Scientific Expert Panel advising the Queensland Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries on the Queensland environmentally safe Fisheries Strategy. He teaches the biology of marine resources and offers perspectives on the impact of this maritime disasters on subsistence communities.

    The session will be chaired by tutor Jennifer Corrin.

    There will be possibility to ask questions both during the session and afterwards, When drinks and light refreshments will be available.

    UQSIP and MASLU count on welcoming you on 27 June.

    In feb,march this year, MV Solomon trader ran aground on a reef in Lughu Bay, Solomon hawaiian islands, dumping over a hundred tonnes of oil into the waters off the coast of Rennell Island. They have shaped the development of national competition laws of other jurisdictions as well as dominated discussions at the international level and the formulation of international competition law norms. these days, suffice to say, China’s anti monopoly law has taken on slowly increasing global importance, Leading to questions on whether China poses any challenge to the dominance of US and EU competition laws and to international norms.

    The dominance of US and EU competition laws has been in part whilst they may not promotion as model laws for other countries to adopt and their acceptance as such. within this paper, We debate that, For China’s competition law to seriously challenge the dominance of US and EU competition laws and you can also use norms, It too will need to be regarded as a distinct model of competition law that could be workably transplantable to and adopted by other countries. We consider the essential question of what constitutes a “competitor law model” And examine the extent to which US antitrust law, EU others law, And Chinese anti monopoly law are distinct competition law models that are suited for hair transplant to other jurisdictions.

    Mark Furse is Professor of rival Law and Policy at the School of Law, The University of Glasgow and an external Fellow of the Centre for Public, arena and Comparative Law at the TC Beirne School of Law. He has been teaching and researching in competition law for over 30 years, And has written commonly about competition law. starting with a focus on UK and EU competition law, His early analyze took him into US antitrust law, And since 2005 he has engaged strongly with Chinese and East Asian game law, As well as patterns of developing on the law and its adoption by new regimes, Or adapting to it in young regimes. He wrote one of the first books ukraine girls in English on the Chinese AML, And continues to focus on merger control in China for example. Mark has also worked extensively with capacity building and master training programmes in Europe and beyond, And holds honorary professorial positions at the South West higher educatoin institutions of Political Science and Law, Chongqing, And the East China institution of Political Science and Law in Shanghai.

    Dr Wendy Ng is a Senior Lecturer at victoria Law School, Where she is the connect Director (china based online stores) Of the Asian Law Centre and Deputy Director of the opposition Law and Economics Network. Wendy researches on competitor law, thinking too much on China, abroad and comparative law, And politics economy issues. Her system, ‘The Political Economy of match Law in China’, Was published by Cambridge university or Press in 2018. Prior to joining melbourne Law School, Wendy worked as a lawyer at leading commercial law firms in Melbourne and New York and as a lecturer at the university or of Adelaide. She has also worked with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and other development partners to support the introduction and developing on competition law and policy in Southeast Asia.

    A Path toSyrianAccountability led by Non state stars: The ‘System’ of cosmopolitan Criminal Law and the Case of CIJA

    Syria became emblematic ofdefactoimpunity for those senior leaders suspected of atrocity crimes, And whereby the mechanisms for justice by us institutions remain elusive. you are able to, As global and hybrid courts appear in decline, Syria raises a broader situation: Is there a future for global criminal justice when allegations of war crimes, Crimes against human beings, And genocide happen? This paper addresses the variety of accountability for senior leaders of the Syrian government suspected of atrocity crimes. chiefly, The paper explores the role oftheCommission for International Justice and responsibility (CIJA). As non state famous actors, CIJA have investigated core world crimes in Syria since 2011 in order to fill the impunity gap. currently, CIJA claim to have received over 800,000 marine corps, Security intelligence and political (Baath gathering) Documents that followed a chain of custody and have beensmuggled out of Syria. In an undisclosed vacation spot in Europe, CIJA’s analysts and prosecutors with previous experience from abroad criminal tribunals (such as ICTY, ICTR combined with ICC, amongst others), Claim to have prepared ten case briefs contrary to the top fifty leaders of the Syrian government, your President of Syria, Bashar ‘s Assad. In january 2019, CIJA’s material provided to the first arrest of a senior member of the Syrian government by German federal police for crimes against humanity, Specifically in relation to the illegal detention and torture of Syrian demonstrators not too long ago of the Arab Spring. This paper provides conceptual framework (Or Basic structural part) For how we have to view the role of non state (And other non customary) famous actors, Which attempt to fill the impunity gap in relation to senior actors suspected of core international crimes in the contemporary international order.

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